Company Valuations

Due to the increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions between companies, more and more clients are turning to ATLAND for expert advice to help them objectively value their companies.

Among the reasons that may motivate the desire for this economic valuation, we also find purchase and sale operations, financing searches, capital increases or reductions, redesign of strategic plans, possible investments and divestments, and even disputes between the partners themselves.

Aware of the complexity of the process, our team of lawyers and economists specialised in company valuations, in collaboration with professionals from other areas of the firm, is specialised in the preparation of reports which, applying criteria such as thoroughness and exhaustiveness, show the real situation of the company and help those responsible for the company to make optimal strategic decisions.

Some of our services in the field of company valuations are:

  • Overall valuation of the company
  • Advice on processes that require prior valuation: mergers and acquisitions, sales and purchases, financing rounds, etc.

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