Family Businesses

Aware of the economic and social relevance of family businesses in the Spanish business world, ATLAND has a team of lawyers and economists specialised in this area of practice.

Our professionals advise all types of family businesses, guiding administrators and senior managers in making decisions in accordance with the real situation of the company and the scenario in which they carry out their activity.

Having advice adapted to the needs of the organisation that guarantees its correct functioning is essential in this field, as a high percentage of family businesses disappear after the second or third generation. Therefore, anticipating those legal and tax issues that may have a negative impact on the management and assets of family businesses – and their administrators – are factors that will undoubtedly make the difference between their success or failure.

Some of our specialities in Family Businesses are:

  • Tax optimisation for partners, directors and family members
  • Design of the succession plan in the family business.
  • Drawing up family protocols
  • Creation of shareholders’ agreements
  • Adaptation of articles of association
  • Conflict resolution and representation before the competent bodies

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