Tax Law

ATLAND’s Tax Law department offers comprehensive advice on tax matters to all our clients, mainly companies and individuals of different sizes and origins, with the firm purpose of guaranteeing the correct activity of their businesses from a tax perspective.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force, our tax law team accompanies clients in all their tax operations, advising them and adapting to the peculiarities of each case: type of business, market and scope of action, regulations applicable to the sector of practice, etc. All of this, with the aim of responding satisfactorily to the increasingly demanding requirements of those companies and individuals who, aware of the complexity of the current laws, turn to ATLAND to ensure optimal compliance with their tax obligations in the present and immediate future.

Some of our specialities in tax law include:

  • General taxation
  • Transfer pricing and indirect taxation
  • Local taxation
  • Family businesses
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Tax proceedings and litigation

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