ATLAND advises clients operating in a wide range of economic sectors, including the following:


There are already many companies in the logistics and transport sector that have placed their trust in ATLAND in search of the advice that best suits their activity in the sector. As strategic allies of these companies that operate in both national and international markets, our team specialised in logistics and transport assists in matters related to the conclusion of contracts and insurance, the management of exports and imports, the internationalisation of companies, and cases of mergers and acquisitions, among others. All of this, in collaboration with the professionals who make up the different areas of the firm.


Aware of the importance of tourism in the Spanish business world as a whole, ATLAND has a team of experts in this important economic sector. Our specialists have years of experience in this industry, which enables us to provide services of the highest technical and legal quality. From a multidisciplinary perspective, we advise on issues affecting the acquisition of businesses and assets in the sector, the internationalisation of tourism companies, the performance of audits and the legal design of strategies, the defence of competition, the filing of tenders and liabilities, and assistance in contractual matters and claims, among others.


ATLAND’s clients include a wide range of companies operating in the agri-food sector. SMEs, family businesses and companies with an international outlook turn to our professionals with the aim of having a comprehensive and quality service that protects them from the challenges that globalisation and the constant updating of regulations bring with them. Furthermore, as specialists in agri-food law, we not only work with food producers and distributors, but also with the end consumer. Studies, reports and strategic plans, legal representation in all types of proceedings, as well as global advice on contracting, competition, liability and taxation are some of the services offered by the firm.


Large and complex, the industrial sector is one of the main economic engines of the country. For this reason, at ATLAND we provide all our clients with a multidisciplinary team, with experience in various industries – automotive, manufacturing, textile, health, etc. – in order to offer, from a unique and personalised approach, creative solutions that guarantee the best defence of their interests and full legal protection. In addition to this preventive advice, the firm acts as the legal representative of companies before the competent bodies in those cases in which a judicial or extrajudicial defence is required.


As an avant-garde law firm committed to the environment, ATLAND has a team of professionals specialised in the renewable energy sector. Assistance in negotiations with the different actors involved, support in contractual matters or personalised and exhaustive advice in the commercial, corporate, tax and administrative fields are some of the services that, as experts in Energy, we offer our clients. Aspects such as the energy transition and the legal regulations for renewable energies – extensive, complex and constantly changing – encourage companies to rely on an ally such as our firm to guide and advise them, providing them with value in strategic decision-making.


Driven by technology, our clients move forward; and we move with them. In order to accompany organisations in their progression in the digital business market, guaranteeing their legal security and the correct application of current regulations, ATLAND has a team of dedicated professionals. In order to accompany organisations in their progression in the digital business market, guaranteeing their legal security and the correct application of current regulations, ATLAND has a team of professionals dedicated to the technology sector. The firm offers legal advice and support in numerous cases that require personalised strategies and in-depth knowledge of the sector. For this reason, and with the firm intention of satisfying the increasingly complex needs of our clients, our team is committed to continuous training and the constant renewal of knowledge. Our services range from legal advice to companies operating in the new technologies market, to risk prevention in the digital environment or the protection of the actors involved in operations that integrate technological processes.


Thanks to our high level of specialisation in the startup sector, at ATLAND we advise entrepreneurs throughout the entire life cycle of their companies and businesses; from the initial stages of seeking funding and resources, to the more consolidated stages of growth, expansion or even sale. From a multidisciplinary perspective, experts from different areas of the firm, such as tax, labour and commercial law, who are true connoisseurs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offer their outstanding expertise in the sector through services that pursue a primary objective: to provide these start-ups with the legal security necessary to achieve the desired objectives. In addition to providing support throughout the different phases of the project, the firm also operates in areas such as contracting, relations between managers (partners’ agreement) and data protection in the digital environment.


ATLAND has been the strategic partner of those organisations that operate in the health sector for years. Because areas such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, which are highly regulated and subject to all kinds of regulations, must have the support of a specialised team to advise them on compliance with their legal obligations, as well as on the management of the business itself; services that can be found in our firm. Comprehensive advice on the opening and administration of private centres, the management of contractual relations with suppliers and in-house staff, and the protection of the same against possible risks are some of the specialities we offer companies. However, our team also works with private individuals, guaranteeing their right to the protection of their personal data or guiding them in the resolution of disputes related to complaints and claims.


At ATLAND we provide our clients with a team of lawyers and economists who are experts in construction and real estate law. Since our founding in 2010, the professionals in this area of specialisation have been involved in a multitude of real estate transactions, with in-depth knowledge of the markets and national and international laws. The purchase and sale of real estate and real estate companies, the drafting of leasing, development or purchase option contracts, advice on town planning matters, as well as in cases of expropriations and homeowners’ associations, are some of the operations in which our professionals work. We also handle all types of procedures before the Land Registry, intervene in cases of claims for construction defects and, in collaboration with our tax law department, we provide advice on tax matters in all types of real estate transactions.

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